About Me

Certified Life Coach Emma Fernandez

Hello I'm Emma Fernandez.

I'm a Life Coach, Writer, Speaker and founder of Beacon Coaching.

I will help you to awaken your conscious authentic self and empower you to take the lead into your new life. In doing so we will take a journey into transforming your mindset, releasing limiting beliefs and putting a stop to self sabotaging behaviors. Whilst creating healthy boundaries and ultimately, designing the life of your choosing.

I know first hand the struggle and commitment it takes to endure this healing journey we call life. Being diagnosed with severe postpartum after the birth of my child propelled me into wanting a deeper understanding as to what my purpose was for being here.

After studying scientific principles as well as the spiritual teachings I healed myself from a very dark place. Something I didn't think was possible. In this space I found clarity and purpose. And I believe that purpose is to help others heal along their journey. To inspire, to create hope and to lead others into the best and most authentic version of themselves.

When we start to live our lives from a place of authenticity and all of our thoughts, emotions and actions are aligned. This is when we are able to take back our power and create our lives from a place of purpose and fulfillment. Inspiring those around us and leading the way.

If my journey has taught me anything, it would be that we are supernatural beings with immense power to persevere though the hardest of times. As soon as we learn how to tap into that power...THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

If you are ready for change! Ready for a new direction! complete the contact form and lets connect!